City Councilman Doug Shields on the success of Pittsburgh’s Rights-Based Fracking Ban

“The City of Pittsburgh, as a result of the enactment of the ban, brought stability to our future. People in Pittsburgh recognize the inherent problems associated with shale drilling: loss of property value; increased budget allocations to public safety (and less dollars for everything else); and, this totally incompatible land use in an urban environment.

We’ve worked too hard to transform the city from a heavy industrial center to one of the most livable places in America an put that effort at risk.

More importantly, the Council recognized the people’s inherent civil right to self-determination and our ability to assert those rights to protect our as-built and natural environment – the places where we live. To that end, the ban has brought a level of certainty in the face of a very uncertain future fracking brings with it.

Now, other municipalities are following Pittsburg’s lead and, instead of simply accepting it, are asserting their civil rights as well. Pittsburgh’s Mayor Ravenstahl, a supporter of the Oil and Gas industry stated that, instead of supporting the ban, he would, “…prepare for any possible pollution, well fires or other risks.” I, and a lot of other people in Pennsylvania would rather not.”
-Doug Shields, Pittsburgh City Council

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